With over 25 years of industry experience, we focus on establishing and maintaining relationships, from readers to writers to service organizations to advertisers, because it is paramount in evaluating our successes.

Our team has been together for years, and our ability to effectively craft and create a range of publications that speak to our clients and readers has long defined our professionalism. We care about promoting each community in which we work because we believe it promotes the welfare of our own communities and businesses. We look forward to being a part of yours.

Madison Locally Sourced

Madison Locally Sourced is the Greater Madison area’s celebration of community. Each issue focuses on the people, places, businesses, events, and more that make up the culture so many residents and visitors have grown to love.

You’ll find restaurant, retail, and service industry features sharing the story of the owners and highlighting their offerings; Wisconsin artist features sharing the journeys and methodologies of painters, ceramicists, and more; and stories that share the history of the area and ways to live a fuller life in our community.

Available at numerous locations in print for free, through a paid subscription, and via a complimentary digital subscription, finding Madison Locally Sourced is as easy as a boat day on Monona, a hike through the UW Arboretum, or a picnic on Capitol Square.

Second Act

(South Central and Northeast Wisconsin; more locations coming in 2024)

Second Act is a lifestyle and resource magazine designed to guide seniors and their families through all facets of life’s second act. Advertisements and descriptive listings are included under applicable categories, from home adaptations to getting the help you need in or outside your home to healthcare and finances, and are accompanied by informative and inspiring articles written by professionals in their fields.

For some, life’s second act lifts the curtain to a life focused on those things that there just wasn’t enough time for. For others, aging can be more difficult. Not everyone gets a fair shake, but we believe everyone deserves guidance to peace and happiness. Second Act’s goal is to make every life situation less stressful and confusing so that everyone can live their best life.

Second Act is available in print free at numerous locations, through a paid subscription, and via a complimentary digital subscription.

Madison Home

Madison Home is the Greater Madison area home and lifestyle magazine designed to inspire homeowners and renters to create living spaces that reflect their personalities and meet their needs from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed.

What it takes to make a house a home is rarely the same from person to person, and Greater Madison has a variety of home styles to help you find what you need more of in your life. From new homes to home renovations and even business designs, eye-catching photos and professionally contributed content can help along your personal path—even if you’re not quite ready to act yet.

You’ll find Madison Home in print free at numerous locations, through a paid subscription, and via a complimentary digital subscription.